Allergy Awareness: Protect Your Clients During The Holidays And All Year Long

  • December 10, 2014
  • John Rich

By: Luisa Volkers and Ross Bridges

During this Holiday Season, many of us will be dropping off gifts to our clients as thanks for their business and in the hopes of developing future potential. If you are preparing that gorgeous gift basket full of delicious goodies, keep in mind that the beautiful arrangement may contain dangerous items which people may not even want past their doorstep.

As conscientious Realtors, we ensure the safety of our clients' belongings through many avenues. We install secure lockboxes and advise them to safely store their valuables during the listing time of their homes, we share tips about safety, etc. Now, let's take a moment and consider life-threatening food allergies which impact their lives every day.

Many food allergies can cause allergic reactions ranging from an itchy throat to anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is life threatening. Even if an EPI pen (medication which administers epinephrine) is used during a reaction, there is still the potential of leading to death. Most life threatening allergens include peanuts, tree nuts, and crustacean shellfish. Other top food allergens include milk, eggs, fish, wheat and soybeans.

Throughout the year, we also promote our Open Houses, both Agent and Public, by offering mouth-watering treats and food items. While this is a great approach to draw extra interest and increase the traffic to your Open House, keep in mind that one or more of the residents at that home may be living with a life-threatening food allergy. Your clients will greatly appreciate your efforts in promoting their home, but they will be truly grateful if you ask the simplest of questions to ensure that you do not serve anything in their home which may be harmful.


  • Always ask your clients if they or a member of their household lives with a food allergy
  • Ask if there are any food types which they do not want brought into their home
  • They have created a safe haven and we wouldn't want to spoil it
  • This is not a lifestyle choice (as is being a vegetarian) and deserves the attention

These measures will instill further trust in you from your clients and they will know that you respect and value them and their family members.

For further information and guidelines, go to Anaphylaxis Canada's website

Thank you to those of you already practicing these precautions and thank you for assigning the time to read this important notice.

Have a Happy and SAFE Holiday Season! Merry Christmas everyone!

Submitted by Luisa Volkers, Sales Representative with The PK Team - RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp., Brokerage.

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