Oakville aims to celebrate Canada 150 with five projects

  • June 3, 2015
  • John Rich

Oakville's Town Council has endorsed five heritage projects ranging in cost from $2.7 million to $525,000 as potential candidates for funding through the federal government’s Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP).

The town identified five potential projects to benefit Oakville:

Waterfront Trail at Tannery Waterworks

  • Construction of an extension of the Waterfront Trail within Oakville Harbour including shoreline restoration.
  • Total cost $2.7 million, CIP request for $900,000

Coach House at the Oakville Museum on the Erchless Estate

  • Renovation to the Coach House to covert to public use for programs and exhibitions. Interior heritage features such as the woodwork and horse stalls would be restored.
  • Total cost $2.4 million, CIP request $800,000

Towne Square

  • Renovation of Towne Square including replacement of the pavement surfaces, existing amenities and construction of new amenities (water feature and stage/canopy).
  • Total cost $2 million, CIP request $660,000

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

  • Construction of a shade canopy structure, performance plaza area and irrigation system.
  • Total cost $525,000, CIP request $175,000

Heritage Cross Town Trail

  • Rehabilitation of a three kilometre trail accommodating a full range of active transportation alternatives.
  • Total cost $735,000, CIP request $235,000

Southern Ontario has been allocated up to $44 million of the $150 million total fund, and applications are open to a wide range of public and not-for-profit institutions. The main criteria for projects is that they focus on rehabilitation, renovation and expansion of existing community infrastructure assets. New infrastructure, temporary installations or facility expansions that would result in a significant increase of the asset (i.e. more than a 50 per cent increase in square footage) are not eligible.