Oakville Council approves new tax deferral program for low-income seniors

  • May 3, 2016
  • Stephanie Lai

In a press release dated May 3, the Town of Oakville announced that Council approved of a new tax deferral program to assist seniors in need.

The program, called the Halton Region's Older Adult Full Property Tax Deferral Program (OATDP), is "designed to help eligible, low-income seniors by deferring their property taxes." The release says the Program will being July 1.

“Council recognizes that many low-income seniors require additional assistance to stay in their homes,” Mayor Burton said in the release. “This program is one way we can support vulnerable citizens in Oakville and create a more livable, sustainable community for all residents.”

The release says to be considered, applicants must be "65 years or older and have a combined income under $44,800." Participants will be required to re-apply on an annual basis.

Back in March, Halton Region passed a by-law to implement the OATDP. Now that Oakville has joined the program, the Town is now responsible for deferring taxes and making sure the program is effectively carried out.

The Town now offers three programs to financially assist low-income, senior property owners: the Partial Property Tax Deferral Program, the Oakville Seniors Rebate Program and now the OATDP.

Oakville residents with queestions can call the Tax department at 905-338-4222.

For more info or to read the full release, click here.