Oakville presents Downtown Cultural Hub options

  • June 10, 2015
  • John Rich

The Town of Oakville has released three options that have been developed as part of the Downtown Cultural Hub study.

A preferred option will be presented to Town Council in September.

Your feedback is welcome now for the three presented options. To provide your feedback, please click the link above.

Option 1: Renovate — Minor

  • Minimal improvements to cultural offering, does not meet targets;
  • Theatre likely goes ‘dark’ for a shorter time;
  • Less opportunity to deliver parking.

Option 2: Renovate — Major

  • Significant improvements to cultural offering;
  • Theatre likely goes ‘dark’ for a greater period of time;
  • Less opportunity to deliver parking.

Option 3: Dispersed — New Build

  • New high quality facilities that meets current and projected needs;
  • Dispersed cultural facilities shares reinvestment benefits into downtown;
  • Post office is renewed, Church St. transformed;
  • No theatre “dark” period;
  • Improved revenue potential from residential development;
  • Better opportunities for revenue generation;
  • Delivers ample parking.