OREA: REALTOR® Value Advertising Campaign Continues

  • April 1, 2015
  • John Rich

The advertising campaign aimed at promoting REALTOR® value will continue until the end of 2018, following a vote on a special levy that passed at the annual general meeting of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) on March 11.

A majority of voting delegates at the meeting voted in favour of the motion to extend the ad campaign from 2016 to 2018 through a special levy of $30 per member per year for three years.

"Our members have repeatedly told us that promoting REALTOR® value to the public across the province is their Number One priority for their association," says Patricia Verge, OREA president. "They felt that a mass advertising campaign was the best way to accomplish that, and the ads we have developed in recent years have had a strong and positive impact on the public perception of REALTORS®. We're pleased to be able to continue to send out the REALTOR® value message."

The advertising campaign was first launched in 2013, with television and billboard ads that were seen across Ontario. An exciting new slate of advertisements was launched in early March of this year. Two new TV ads were shown across the province from March 2 to 22, and will be shown again from April 6 to 26, as part of the REALTORS® we do the homework™ campaign.

New billboard ads were displayed across the province on March 16 and will be shown for four weeks. The two new TV ads developed this spring will be shown again in October and November to consumers around the province. Social media, digital marketing, and a consumer website,, are also being used to promote the importance of using a REALTOR®.

"The television commercials and billboard ads that we are producing are designed to promote REALTOR® value to consumers of all ages," adds Verge. "The extension of the campaign will enable us to convey the importance of using a REALTOR® not only to today's buyers and sellers, but also to future generations of consumers to help them understand the value of using a REALTOR®."

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