Public meeting: Oakville Planning and Development Council

  • January 5, 2016
  • Stephanie Lai

The Oakville Planning and Development Council will be holding a public meeting on January 18 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall on 1225 Trafalgar Rd.

At the meeting, attendees may provide input to the proposed amendments discussed.

In a press release dated December 17, 2015, it states that the proposed amendment to the Town of Oakville Zoning By-law 2014-014 "corrects a number of errors of omission, clarifies the interpretation of existing regulations, and restores a number of inadvertently removed regulations from both the text and maps of the new Zoning By-law 2014-014.

This includes:

  • Revisions to the definition of maximum yard, and the addition of a new definition of one and one-half story
  • Revisions to the general provision regarding the list of buildings and structures exempted from height provisions
  • Revisions to parking provisions related to shared driveways and access lanes and private garage setbacks and projections, and the addition of a new regulation for approved locations for visitors' parking
  • The addition of a minimum setback from daylight triangles on lots in the Residential Low and Low Zones
  • Revisions to minimum side yards in the Residential Medium and Residential Medium Zones
  • Revisions to the separation of dwelling units regulation in residential zones
  • Revised regulations in 13 special provisions in Part 15
  • Correcting one mapping error by rezoning lands on the west side of Ninth Line south of the pipeline corridor from Business Employment to Private Open Space on Map 19

For more detailed information on the proposed amendments, read the full press release.