Scout For SAFEACCESS™ & Membership Requirements

  • May 6, 2014
  • John Rich

Scout for SAFEACCESS™ Update

We are pleased to let you know that our transition from key fobs to Scout for SAFEACCESS™ has progressed smoothly. Currently, over 85 per cent of our Members are enrolled.

What does this mean in practical terms for our Members? It means there are no faulty, lost or broken key fobs to be replaced. It means that only valid members of our real estate board will be able to access the data which comes with membership. It means you can be assured that data integrity and security is a priority.

How does Scout know that “you” are an authorized user? Over a period of time during the login process, the system will track your typing patterns and create an individual user profile. Strong intelligence-based authentication software will be used to accurately identify account sharing, other unauthorized access and irregularities between users that are not possible using traditional device or IP tracking. Your Matrix account may not be used by anyone other than you. This includes colleagues, assistants and support staff. Once identified, the Board will take measures to negate misuse that violates this policy as set out in our MLS® Rules and Regulations.

A remediation process has been created and upon identification of usage anomalies, a multi-step process will be initiated which could lead to a fine and/or potential suspension of access to Matrix. As abuse of access is a breach of our MLS® Rules and Regulations, the matter may also be referred to the Professional Standards Committee for further action. Specific details of the remediation procedure will be shared with you within the month.

In the meantime, we are aware that Members may have unlicensed assistants supporting them and we would like to remind you that Administrator subscriptions are available for Matrix at a cost of $130 per quarter.

For further information or clarification about Scout for SAFEACCESS™ and Matrix, please contact Mark Schell at or 905-844-6491 ext. 122.

Membership Requirements - Reminder

Members whose offices are located in Oakville or Milton, all Sales Representatives, Brokers and Staff who are licensed under RECO must be a Member of OMDREB, in accordance with our Board By-Law, Article 2, Section 2.02 a) and b).

For offices located outside of Oakville and Milton, only those registrants who wish to access Matrix must be a Member or a Subscriber.

For further information or clarification about membership requirements, please contact Laurie Evans at or 905-844-6491 ext. 110.