Scout for SAFEACCESS™ - Remediation Process

  • July 17, 2014
  • John Rich

On April 14th, our Board initiated Scout for SAFEACCESS™, which is the current standard for security authentication for MLS® systems.

Scout for SAFEACCESS™ addresses the following risks:

  • Account sharing
  • Unauthorized access to and use of MLS® data
  • Risk of private contact/financial information being compromised
  • Potential listing data alteration or corruption

Following the launch in April, Scout for SAFEACCESS™ has tracked individual user typing patterns during the Matrix log in process which will be used to identify potential security risks.

A remediation process has been defined and, upon identification of usage anomalies, a multi-step process will be initiated which could lead to a fine and/or potential suspension of access to Matrix. As abuse of access is a breach of our MLS® Rules and Regulations, the matter may also be referred to the Professional Standards Committee for further action.

Our Board will implement the Scout for SAFEACCESS™ remediation process on Friday, August 1st.

What is remediation?

Remediation is a seven step process designed to address unauthorized access once it has been detected. The process is as follows:

  • Step 1 -> Password change – As the first step in remediation, this is an effective way of resolving immediate concerns, especially when the user is unaware.
  • Step 2 -> Email notice #1 is sent to the user - Informs detection of inconsistencies with the log in procedure.
  • Step 3 -> On-screen alert (within Matrix) #1 – Informs the user after logging in that unusual activity is still being detected.
  • Step 4 -> Password change #2 – Allows the system to continue to build the database of evidence if inconsistencies continue.
  • Step 5 -> Email notice #2 is sent to the user and broker of record – Second email is sent suggesting that the user change their password and to contact the Board for additional information regarding the issue.
  • Step 6 -> New password required at each login – User is sent a new temporary password at EACH login.
  • Step 7 -> Email notice #3 – Followed by a compliance review and/or a fine and possible suspension from the MLS® system.

How can you be ready?

All users using the Matrix MLS® system must have their own user ID.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Scout for SAFEACCESS™ and the remediation process, please contact Mark Schell, IT/Matrix Support, at or 905-844-6491 ext. 122.