Survey results reveal Oakville's appetite for MLTT

  • February 27, 2015
  • John Rich

The Town of Oakville released their 2015 Citizen Survey results on Tuesday.

Included in the detailed results was the feedback the Town received regarding the question of additional funding options; specifically a municipal land transfer tax.

Sixty-six per cent identified as "not very supportive" or "not at all supportive" while twenty-nine per cent were "very supportive" or somewhat supportive". Four per cent didn't know.

The Town of Oakville is always investigating other funding options to support town services. The City of Toronto is currently the only Ontario municipality with the following funding options available. How supportive would you say you are of the following types of revenue tools to help fund additional services if the Town of Oakville was able to implement them?

Pollara Strategic Insights conducted the 20-minute phone survey on the Town's behalf from January 12-30, 2015 with a "randomly-selected, representative sample of 808 residents". An online survey was also conducted on opened Idea Forum to get "candid feedback about town programs, services and more".

OMDREB and OREA became aware the Town was conducting a poll involving the question of an MLTT after a resident wrote a letter to the editor in the Oakville Beaver on why the town was asking "the redundant question" after Halton provincial and Oakville municipal candidates were widely against an MLTT during the respective elections.