Five Photos Your Listing Might Be Missing

  • January 8, 2021
  • John Rich


As the old adage goes: a picture is worth a thousand words—or in real estate, thousands of dollars.

Real estate photos are important.

Did you know 88% of visitors who view listings click on the photos? In 2019, visitors clicked on photo carousels more than 337 million times.

With many people limiting face-to-face interactions due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to make the right first impression online. That means providing high quality photos that capturing the essence of the property as well as interest of potential clients. (Want to make your photos pop? Check out these great tips.)

While most listings will include photos of staples like the primary bedroom, kitchen and living room, here are five other shots you should consider adding to your gallery:


What are visitors looking for? Waterfront. In 2019, it was the most searched for keyword—by a landslide. Be sure you show off this popular asset in your listings. Drone photography can come in handy here, giving you the ability to show off the property from a dynamic angle.

Parking space/garage:

While it might not be the most glamourous asset, it is sought after. Garage was the third most popular keyword searched in Canada on in 2019. Parking spaces are also sought after in larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Before you take a photo of a garage, make sure the space is clean and decluttered.

For a parking space, don’t just include a photo of the building or lot. Show them what they are buying. If there are pillar or dividers between spaces, show them in the photos. This might be important for perspective buyers who may drive a large truck or SUV.

Be sure to clearly state the dimensions of the parking space or garage in your listing description and specify if parking is above or underground.


Storage, storage, storage! If your listing has an outbuilding, shed or barn, be sure to include photos of the interior and exterior. Having an outdoor storage space is important for some homeowners, especially hobbyist, gardener or car buffs. Remember, you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a lifestyle.

Make sure these spaces are clean and decluttered.

Exterior shots:

We know you’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in this case, that’s exactly what potential buyers are doing.

Include a photo of the front and back of the property, including entry and exit points, the siding and foundation.

If the property has a pool, be sure to include plenty of photos of the pool and surrounding area. Pool is the second-most searched keyword on

Consider taking outdoor shots during “golden hour,” the time right after sunrise or just before sunset. The lighting will feel warm and inviting.


You probably already include a photo of the bathroom (if not, you should!) but you might have the shower curtain closed. It might not be the most exciting picture, but buyers want to see where they’ll be showering. Keeping the shower curtain open will also help make the room look more spacious and appealing in photos.

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms, so make sure they are squeaky clean and well-lit in photos.

TIP: Avoid using a fisheye or ultra-wide-angle lens. These lenses distort the room’s dimensions.

The number of photos you’re able to upload varies by board or association, but make sure you remember to include these often-forgotten shots.