The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has released the province’s rent increase guideline for 2015. Ontario is capping rent increases for 2015 at 1.6 per cent.

The cap, also known as the rent increase guideline, is the maximum a landlord can raise a tenant's rent without the approval of the Landlord and Tenant Board. It applies to rent increases between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2015.

The guideline is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index, a measure of inflation calculated monthly by Statistics Canada. It is calculated under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, which caps rental increases at a maximum of 2.5 per cent. It establishes the maximum amount that a landlord can increase a tenant’s rent without making an application to the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal. The guideline applies to most private residential rental accommodation covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.

For previous years’ increase guidelines, please see the table below.

The rent increase guideline does not apply to:

  • Vacant residential units
  • Residential units first occupied on or after Nov. 1, 1991
  • Social housing units
  • Nursing homes
  • Commercial property.

Historical Rent Increase Guidelines

2015 1.6%
2014 0.8%
2013 2.5%
2012 3.1%
2011 0.7%
2010 2.1%

For more information on rent increases, please contact the Landlord and Tenant Board at 416-645-8080 or 1-888-332-3234.