Renovate and get paid

  • March 22, 2017
  • Stephanie Lai

Did you know that if you’re renovating your home to be more energy efficient, you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates from Union Gas?

In 2016. The Ontario government committed $325 million to the Green Investment Fund to help fight climate change, to grow the economy and to create jobs.

As outlined in the website, the Fund will:

  • Help homeowners use less energy
  • Support more electric vehicle charging stations across Ontario
  • Retrofit social housing developments
  • Help businesses reduce emissions
  • Help fund local environmental organizations
  • Help provide Indigenous communities with training, tools and infrastructure to address climate change

The purpose of the Fund for homeowners is to save money and to lower their carbon footprint. The government invested $100 million from the Fund to help homeowners retrofit their homes with energy-efficient upgrades.

According to the Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program’s website, energy-efficient upgrades help you save in three ways:

  1. Improving the energy efficiency of your home could get you up to $5,000 of reno costs back
  2. Improved energy efficiency will help decrease energy bills by up to 20 per cent, every year.
  3. Improved energy efficiency will make your home attractive to future buyers

So do you qualify? You need to…

  1. Heat your home with an oil, natural gas, or propane boiler/furnace OR wood stove (electric heated homes not included)
  2. Own a detached, semi-detached, row town house, or mobile home
  3. Be a Union Gas customer or reside in a Union Gas Program Delivery Franchise Area

Residents in the Halton Region can call any of the following:
Ridge Energy Consultants | 1-888-236-5116
Canada Energy Audit | 1-888-298-9458
Eco Advantage Energy Advisors | 1-855-449-2387
Amerispec of Canada | 905-335-9178
BuyWise Consulting | 289-426-5039
EnerCare Home Services | 1-866-627-6483
EnerQuality | 1-844-447-0077
GCC-REEP Green Solutions | 519-744-9799
EnerTest Corporation | 1-877-327-1504
Envirocentre | 1-877-580-2582
Barrier Sciences Group | 1-866-333-3920

You can also visit for more information.